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Old 09-27-2013
xmlFileNames=$(grep -l Status "*.xml")
for file in $xmlFileNames; do

Just be aware that if there are too many filenames you might get an error ("too many args").

You might want to add some recursion to the grep command to more closely emulate the find behaviour.

A better approach is to use a while-loop:
find ... | while read file; do

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Old 09-30-2013
Parsing xml files next day drama

Is this correct?
for xmlFileName in ${xmlFileNames}
	        xmlFileName=$(echo $xmlFileName | sed 's|./||')     # Remove leading ./ path that find command prefixes to filenames
	        cp -f $xmlFileName $DIR/$xmlFileName

I'm not using the find command anymore just the grep. Would that create a problem with the echo command?

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Every time I run this script that I'm creating I keep getting this error:
 filename.ksh 89:no memory : Not enough storage is available to process this command.

I assume its the line with the echo & sed commands that are causing the problem. Its only less than 1000 xmls files that I'm trying to copy. They're not even large files. Idk?
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Old 10-01-2013
Not sure what the syntax for the read command

I'm not sure what the syntax for the read command should be translated from this code
for XmlFileName in ${xmlFileNames}
	        XmlFileName=$(echo $XmlFileName | sed 's|./||')     # Remove leading ./ path that find command prefixes to filenames
	        cp $PXmlFileName $NEW_DIR/

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