Sftp hanging at exit

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Old 09-25-2013
Sftp hanging at exit

Hi All

I was trying to execute below sftp command.

echo "cd /${CUST_ID}/inbound/${SAFET_ID}" > $BATCHFILE
echo "exit" >> $BATCHFILE
cmd="sftp -o port=2022 -b $BATCHFILE user@$SERVER"
$cmd >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
if [ $ret -ne 0 ] 2>>$LOGFILE
echo "Failure" >> $LOGFILE
echo "Success">> $LOGFILE

But in log i can see the output till exit. sftp is hanging at exit, if-else condition is not getting executed.

Request you to suggest a solution
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Old 09-25-2013
Can you run this manually by the same user account non-batch mode first, and if so, can you run this with the commands in a batch? That might give a clue as to why this might be getting stuck.

I hope that this helps

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Old 09-25-2013
Hi thanks for the reply. But i cant execute from the same user. The script is getting called from GUI

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And one more important thing is this issue is happening randomly. Not frequently.
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Old 09-27-2013
This may be more indicative of network problems than sftp problems, I'm thinking. How large are these files you're uploading?
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