Configuring smtp settings and then sending the mail through shell script

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Old 09-23-2013
Wrench Configuring smtp settings and then sending the mail through shell script

I have make an menu in which first option is to start and second is to stop the services

 echo "Please enter the appropriate choice for doing the operations"
        echo "
        1) STOP Services        
        2) START Services 
    case $choice in
            echo "*************Stopping Services**************"
            echo "*************Starting Services**************"

now please advise I want to add the functionality of email also in it that is lets say if some one stop the services by pressing the 1 option then a mail should be launched with the subject that services are stopped and with the body also that services are stopped at that time when the option 1 is pressed ,

Now i have some specific settings of the mail server from which the mail will be send to the users as shown below..


PHP Code:
Now the users id 
please advise how to customize and the add the functionality of email I want to do the smtp host and port settings within the mail and then want to send the mail, please advise. Smilie
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Old 09-26-2013
I would recommend just using the OS mailer:
echo "User $USER ran STOP at `date`" | mail -s "your subject line"

Let your OS sort out how to get the mail to the target. If you need to tweak your locally running sendmail/postfix/etc config then do that first.

Otherwise you'll have to create/install a full-blown mail client first.
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