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Old 09-20-2013
Copy files with extension .sh

Hi all...

I am trying to copy all my shell script to some directory using following command, I want to simplify it by not using awk..please some one help me....

find -name "*.sh" | awk -F"/" '{a=$NF;gsub(".sh",x,a);cmd="cp"" " $0" ""/home/akshay/MY_ALL/"a"_"++i".sh";system(cmd)}'

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Old 09-20-2013
i have not tried this, but you can do something like

for i in `find -name "*.sh"`; do cp $i <destination>; done

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Old 09-20-2013
Do you want a matching tree, or all in one dir (who wins on name collisions?). Do we need to worry about the command line length? They say any fool can code, but it takes some thought to write requirements. For one dir (last wins):
find * -name '*.sh' -type f | xargs -n101 echo | while read mf
cp $mf <destination>

Narrative: Find the files one per line, use xargs to echo them out in larger groups (up to 101) on one line, cp each multi-file group to the destination. This has 99+% economy of scale on cp calls but still starts cp long before find is done.

For same subtree:
find * -name '*.sh' -type f | cpio -pd <destination>

If you are copying within the same device (mount), don't want to rewrite them and care about space, you can hard link with 'ln' in place of 'cp'.

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Old 09-21-2013
Thanks DGPickett

I would like to run script from

reason behind this is I can copy all script to new directory including duplicates., that is why in #1 I used

so that it should not overwrite any file
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