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Old 09-21-2013
In most cases 'something simple' will not work at crunch time. I strongly recomment that you look at the Linux HA project. See
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I have two users on dest_host server viz wlsadm & wasadm. From src_host server with root user I m able to passwordless login to wlsadm@dest_host however, the same fails for wasadm@dest_host Below is the debug for both first the working ssh and then the non-working ssh. Works: ... (6 Replies)
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when users ftp to server the timezone reflected is UTC but the server is set to TZ in localtime

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Users locked out of Server

hiya all, I have Fedora core 3 installed - as a server - onto an old PC. Root u/n and psw lets me in However, all the other accounts no longer worked. They use to work until yesterday... I now get the error at the login screen: "AUTHENTICATIONFAILED" I hope this is a common... (12 Replies)
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Redirecting output file to a different server.

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Migrating all users from one linux server to another...

Hello, I've been tasked with migrating users from one linux server to another new linux server. This is how I was thinking of doing it: 1.) Open up an NFS connection between the two servers, cp -Rp /home/ to the new server and then append the old /etc/group & /etc/passwd to the existing... (2 Replies)
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UTMPDUMP(1)                                                        User Commands                                                       UTMPDUMP(1)

utmpdump - dump UTMP and WTMP files in raw format SYNOPSIS
utmpdump [options] [filename] DESCRIPTION
utmpdump is a simple program to dump UTMP and WTMP files in raw format, so they can be examined. utmpdump reads from stdin unless a file- name is passed. OPTIONS
-f, --follow Output appended data as the file grows. -o, --output file Write command output to file instead of standard output. -r, --reverse Undump, write back edited login information into the utmp or wtmp files. -V, --version Display version information and exit. -h, --help Display help text and exit. NOTES
utmpdump can be useful in cases of corrupted utmp or wtmp entries. It can dump out utmp/wtmp to an ASCII file, which can then be edited to remove bogus entries, and reintegrated using: utmpdump -r < ascii_file > wtmp But be warned, utmpdump was written for debugging purposes only. File formats The only binary version of the utmp(5) is standardised. Textual dumps may become incompatible in future. The version 2.28 was the last one that printed text output using ctime(3) timestamp format. Newer dumps use millisecond precision ISO-8601 timestamp format in UTC-0 timezone. Conversion from former timestamp format can be made to binary, although attempt to do so can lead the timestamps to drift amount of timezone offset. BUGS
You may not use the -r option, as the format for the utmp/wtmp files strongly depends on the input format. This tool was not written for normal use, but for debugging only. AUTHOR
Michael Krapp SEE ALSO
last(1), w(1), who(1), utmp(5) AVAILABILITY
The utmpdump command is part of the util-linux package and is available from Linux Kernel Archive < /util-linux/>. util-linux July 2014 UTMPDUMP(1)