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Need Software to practice Shell scripting

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need Software to practice Shell scripting
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Old 09-16-2013
Need Software to practice Shell scripting


I need a software in Windows to practice Shell scripting and unix commands.
Please let me know.
I have used Putty in Office network. Can it be used on single machine. If yes, How can I configure it.
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Old 09-16-2013
PuTTY is a terminal emulator and not unix on its own. Your office IT security might prevent you from connecting to their network from home. You might need some security clearance to be able to connect to office network. Talk to your IT team.

By the way, did you take a look at cygwin? - Cygwin
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Old 09-16-2013
Don't mistake the monitor for the computer, PUTTY is not UNIX.

busybox for windows is a convenient way to get a small UNIX-like system with shell and utilities in one executable with no install. busybox bash and you're in a shell.

Note that it's still truly Windows, so things like case-insensitive filenames, a lack of symlinks and named pipes, and other such things will occur.
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Old 09-16-2013
Thanks for the reply. I dont want to connect to Office netwrk through my own laptop. I would like to know if I can download putty and configure to run it on single desktop.
I didnt try cygwin yet. What all needs to be downloaded for cygwin. Downloading just Cygwin is sufficient?
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Old 09-16-2013
Originally Posted by Nikhath
Thanks for the reply. I dont want to connect to Office netwrk through my own laptop. I would like to know if I can download putty and configure to run it on single desktop.
There would be no point in doing so. PUTTY is just a screen that talks to something else. PUTTY IS NOT UNIX!

Cygwin is a big system. You'd need to install dozens or hundreds of packages to get a good and complete enough shell to play in.

Which is why I suggest busybox since it comes with a decent shell and lots of utilities built-in. You don't need to track down awk, sed, cp, mv individually.
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Old 09-16-2013
Another option could be to install Virtualbox and get a minimal install of CentOS. In just a few minutes, you could be interacting with a full fledged shell. Then, you could learn more.
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