Read n lines from a text files getting n from within the text file

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Old 09-13-2013
Don! Thank you.

This works, it does the job for sure, and yes you are right I had a mistake in the data for the first block, its suppossed to be 14 lines in the first block, and the header is supposed to be
#data: 14

I truly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you
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Old 09-13-2013
Thank you again everyone especially Don for your assistance. This has worked perfectly, and finally here is my script that plots the data the way I want

#! /bin/bash
# read each block and output to a file
awk '
$1 == ">" {
        if(f) close(f)
        f="file" ++n".txt"
{       print > f
}' UNZA2250.txt
# count the # of block to plot
nx=`awk '{c+=gsub(s,s)}END{print c}' s='>' UNZA2250.txt`
echo $nx
# --------------------------------------
gnuplot << EOF
# set size 1.7,1.3
set terminal postscript eps enhanced color "Helvetica" 30
set output "fig.eps"
set ylabel "TEC"
set xlabel "hour"
set xrange [0:24]
set yrange [0:120]
set nokey

filename(n) = sprintf("file%d.txt", n)
plot for [i=1:$nx] filename(i) using 1:4 with lines
# view the output image
gv fig.eps &
# remove the text files used for ploting
rm file*.txt

The data file is attached, the output figure is what I am looking for.

If there is a better and/or easier way to achieve this, I would love to learn. Especially if there can be a way to use the awk within gnuplot without having to output the data to the files as I have done here.

Thank you again
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