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Print between multiple patterns

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Old 09-17-2013
What i meant duplicate means, dups between Dir Path, like under Dir Path2 there are 3 common entries, i need to print only once
Your code is removing dups overall.
cat dir_path
Dir Path1
Password="pwd2"; User id="uid2"; Connection pool="somename2"; "datasource same"="DS name2";some other fields.
Dir Path 2
Connection pool="somename"; "DataSource Name"="DS name"; Password="pwd"; User Id="uid";some other fields
Connection pool="somename"; "DataSource Name"="DS name"; Password="pwd"; User Id="uid";some other fields
Connection pool="somename"; "DataSource Name"="DS name"; Password="pwd"; User Id="uid";some other fields
Dir Path 3
Connection pool="somename"; "DataSource Name"="DS name3"; Password="pwd3"; User Id="uid3";some other fields
Connection pool="somename"; "DataSource Name"="DS name3"; Password="pwd3"; User Id="uid3";some other fields

& also is there a way to print

Dir path in one column & other entries in other column


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