Ssh to an array of servers in a for loop

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Old 09-12-2013
A construct I often use:

ssh username@host exec sh -s -- "arg1" "arg2" "arg3" <<"EOF"

# Literal, unescaped script contents to be executed on the remote side.

echo "arg1 is $1"
echo "arg2 is $2"
echo "arg3 is $3"

# The EOF must be at the beginning of the line and not indented.

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Old 09-12-2013 contains the commands.

ssh -qtt user@$host "sh -s '${version}'" <

works absolutely fine. I run into issues only while looping.
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Old 09-12-2013
??? That makes no sense. Why would you feed ssh username@host into ssh username@host ? That instructs the remote host to try and ssh into itself, but will fail because $host and $version are unset and does not exist. I am extremely suspicious of this ever working, especially since only now have you fixed the syntax errors that I noticed...

This needs to be a separate file, not the same one, so it can contain this:

cd /build && cp -p web.zip_${1} && rm -rf test && unzip /build/ && cd /bin

Note the $1 instead of $version, for reasons I gave earlier.

Then you should do
ssh username@host exec /bin/sh -s -- ${version} <

and have the remote host run the sequence of commands stored in

Try it without the -qtt. That may misbehave when you don't have a terminal or want it to be interactive.

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