Shell script to search all entries from 1 file to all other separated files.

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Old 08-26-2013
Originally Posted by Mr_47

 zgrep -f a.out maillog.*.gz > c.out
ksh: zgrep:  not found

Try gzgrep instead of zgrep
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Old 08-26-2013
fully tested, sorry wasn't aware of the non gz file. ( thanks for reminding)

now it perfectly work and most importantly I learnt something today tq again Gurus here!

[root|] gzcat mail.log.*.gz | cat - mail.log*[!g][!z] | /usr/xpg4/bin/grep -f a.out > c.out

[root] du -sh *
   1K   a.out
  15K   c.out
  18M   mail.log.02072012.gz
  94M   mail.log.10092008.gz
  19M   mail.log.16082013.gz
  97M   mail.log_current

[root] more c.out
02-Jul-2012 09:47:57.80 3e31.90fdd0.32211442 tcp_fromvirus reprocess    E 4 rfc822; <4FF0FD> mailsrv ([])
02-Jul-2012 09:47:57.89 5d62.1.99 reprocess                 D 5 rfc822; <4FF0FDEC.2090906@t> mailsrv
26-Aug-2013 12:36:05.60 6db5.1.246 reprocess                 D 992 rfc822; <521ABDDD.907070> mailsrv
26-Aug-2013 12:47:51.78 19c0.2ce850.9533558 tcp_fromvirus reprocess    E 5 rfc822; <3218DC26A184
48FA9A3986F282E30370@B12562PCTM01> mailsrv ([])
26-Aug-2013 12:47:52.17 6db5.1.270 reprocess                 D 6 rfc822; <3218DC26A18448FA9A3986
F282E30370@B12562PCTM01> mailsrv
26-Aug-2013 12:56:28.05 19c0.2cecf3.9538437 tcp_fromvirus reprocess    E 6 rfc822; <D45E34DD7994
452DA2BD89F2F33348FC@B12562PCTM01> mailsrv ([])
26-Aug-2013 12:56:28.43 6db5.1.290 reprocess                 D 6 rfc822; <D45E34DD7994452DA2BD89
F2F33348FC@B12562PCTM01> mailsrv
26-Aug-2013 14:10:38.06 19c0.2d14a9.9571984 tcp_fromvirus reprocess    E 6 rfc822; <FFF520403FF9
4D99BFB9131E27F38A9F@B12562PCTM01> mailsrv ([])
26-Aug-2013 14:10:38.55 73c8.1.48 reprocess                 D 6 rfc822; <FFF520403FF94D99BFB9131
E27F38A9F@B12562PCTM01> mailsrv
26-Aug-2013 14:19:28.03 19c0.2d19a3.9575905 tcp_fromvirus reprocess    E 6 rfc822; <1C43C9DD2B40
4E7BA46D9D3DD4D09074@B12562PCTM01> mailsrv ([])
26-Aug-2013 14:19:28.44 73c8.1.84 reprocess                 D 6 rfc822; <1C43C9DD2B404E7BA46D9D3
DD4D09074@B12562PCTM01> mailsrv
26-Aug-2013 14:27:23.15 19c0.2d1d59.9578921 tcp_fromvirus reprocess    E 6 rfc822; <F7D67C7674D6
433EB0D124AC7BB6A32F@B12562PCTM01> mailsrv ([])
26-Aug-2013 14:27:23.66 21.1.18 reprocess                 D 6 rfc822; <F7D67C7674D6433EB0D124AC7
BB6A32F@B12562PCTM01> mailsrv
26-Aug-2013 15:26:49.35 19c0.2d3fb7.9607210 tcp_fromvirus reprocess    E 150 rfc822; <02035C11A44A5E44B5C11A00BD> mailsrv ([])
26-Aug-2013 15:26:50.36 21d.1.4 reprocess                 D 151 rfc822; <02035C11A44A5E44B5C11A00BD4DB8C9076F90F> mailsrv

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