Search subdirectories and find and print total files

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Old 08-22-2013
Search subdirectories and find and print total files

Hi All,

I have a folder name lets say path/to/folder/CUSTOMER and under this i have several folders and each of these subfolder have serveral subfolders and so on and at some point i will have a folder name called "FTP_FILES" .

I need to search for these folders named "FTP_FILES and then print the path and number of *.txt files in it.

I have the following code by which i am able to find the folder and list *.txt the files but how do i print the count of file in each line.

find ./CUSTOMER -name 'FTP_FILES' -print0 | xargs --null ls *.txt

Output desired..

PATH of the FTP_FILES folder :
Number of *.txt files :

Please help
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Old 08-22-2013
Hint: try using -type d option for directory
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Old 08-23-2013
Thanks for you reply, I tried using -type d option but i'm getting the same result as before. my above command actually is finding the folder and the .txt files but i also the number of .txt files in each FTP_FILES directory. And also, i see "total 31088" in one of the directories where there is only one file. Can you please help me with this. I need to find .txt files in all these folders and print the count of .txt files.

find ./CUSTOMER -type d -name 'FTP_FILES' -print0 | xargs --null ls -l

total 0

total 0

total 31088
-rw-r--r-- 1 user group 31832920 Aug 10 18:25 GRUN_IN_ALA_080813_105011.txt

total 0

total 0

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Old 08-23-2013
Try this for finding the file count:
find ./CUSTOMER -type d -name 'FTP_FILES' -print 0 | ls -l *.txt | grep ^- | wc -l

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Old 08-23-2013
Thank you, I tried your suggestion below but i'm getting result as "1"

find ./CUSTOMER -type d -name 'FTP_FILES' -print0 | ls -l *.txt | grep ^- | wc -l

But when i run the below i get "32" !!

find ./CUSTOMER -type d -name 'FTP_FILES' -print0 | xargs --null ls -l | grep ^-|wc -l

Also, i just realised that in some FTP_FILES folders there are sub-directories named by date and the actual files are in the date directories. The above command just list the directories.. but i need those files to be displayed as well. i know i might be asking some basics here sorry i'm still learning.
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Old 08-24-2013
So your requirement is to search for the FTP_FILES folder inside a given folder, and to traverse through all sub-folders in the FTP_FILES folder that is returned to find out *.txt files?
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Old 08-26-2013
Yes Sir, find a FOLDER named FTP_FILES and show me all files actually (not just *.txt) and if a sub-directory exixts under FTP_FOLDER then show the files from those sub-directories as well.

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