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Old 08-21-2013
Using variables as set in post#1:
awk -vvar1="$var1" -vvar2="$var2" '$0~(var1"|"var2)"\"$" {print $1,$3,$5}' file
time="08:00" start="left" end="north"
time="12:00" start="right" end="south"
time="10:40" start="top" end="south"
time="09:40" start="down" end="north"
time="13:55" start="left" end="south"

@briandanielz: Read it like: hand over var1 and var2 to awk; if $0 (= entire line) matches var1 OR ( | ) var2, plus double quote at the EOL ( $ ), then print the three fields.

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