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Old 08-15-2013
Grep / awk /sed question

Hi All,

I have a file with following sample data. I am also attaching the file.

                                                       (Est)  (Est)    Jobs  Sch
Workstation      Job Stream       SchedTime   State Pr Start  Elapse   #  OK Lim
POOL            #ACR_BILLING      0005 08/15  STUCK 92 00:25  ( 0:14) 19   3          [Carry]; {0AAAAAAAAAAAAHDC}
POOL            #ACR_BILLING      1900 08/15  HOLD  92(19:00) ( 0:14) 19   0          [Carry]; {0AAAAAAAAAAAAGJP}
POOL            #ACR_BILLING_OUT  0200 08/15  STUCK 94 02:06  ( 0:15) 14   5          {0AAAAAAAAAAAAFKD}
POOL            #AFA              0005 08/15  STUCK 94 00:22  ( 0:42) 39   6          [Carry]; {0AAAAAAAAAAAAHDK}
POOL            #AFA              1900 08/15  HOLD  94(19:00) ( 0:42) 39   0          [Carry]; {0AAAAAAAAAAAAGKJ}
POOL            #AIR_POST_ERROR_Q 0005 08/15  STUCK 86 00:34  ( 0:17)  7   4          [Carry]; {0AAAAAAAAAAAAHDS}
POOL            #AIR_POST_ERROR_Q 1900 08/15  HOLD  86(19:00) ( 0:17)  7   0          [Carry]; {0AAAAAAAAAAAAGLD}
POOL            #AUTOPOSTS        0005 08/15  STUCK 92 00:24  ( 0:30) 30   7          [Carry]; {0AAAAAAAAAAAAHD2}
POOL            #AUTOPOSTS        1900 08/15  HOLD  92(19:00) ( 0:30) 30   0          [Carry]; {0AAAAAAAAAAAAGL5}
POOL            #AUTOPOST_HNDBACK 0000 08/15  HOLD  10        ( 0:12) 12   0          {0AAAAAAAAAAAAFKM}

I need details of "Job Stream" "SchedTime" and its corresponding id to be stored in a file next to each other so that i can use it further.

For example ACR_BILLING the SchedTime is 0005 08/15 and corresponding id is 0AAAAAAAAAAAAHDC

The output i am expecting is as below...

Job Stream              SchedTime        Stream ID
ACR_BILLING      0005 08/15       0AAAAAAAAAAAAHDC
ACR_BILLING      1900 08/15       0AAAAAAAAAAAAGJP

and so on....
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Old 08-15-2013
Simple approach with awk
awk -F"[ #{}]+" '/^POOL/ {print $2,$3,$4,$(NF-1)}'

You have some line in your file that are some different from other, what to do with them.
This User Gave Thanks to Jotne For This Post:
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Old 08-15-2013
Sorry forgot to mention about that. The other lines like below which are located at right hand side of the page. I don't need them as they will be cover in the regular lines.

                                                                                      POOL#LTY_ENGINE_CALL3[(1900 08/15/13),(0AAAAAAAAAAAAGRT)].@
                                                                                      POOL#AUTOPOSTS[(1900 08/15/13),(0AAAAAAAAAAAAGL5)].@
                                                                                      POOL#LTY_ENGINE_CALL7[(1900 08/15/13),(0AAAAAAAAAAAAGU3)].@
                                                                                      POOL#LTY_ENGINE_CALL1[(1900 08/15/13),(0AAAAAAAAAAAAGP7)].@
                                                                                      POOL#LTY_ENGINE_CALL4[(1900 08/15/13),(0AAAAAAAAAAAAGSN)].@
                                                                                      POOL#LTY_ENGINE_CALL6[(1900 08/15/13),(0AAAAAAAAAAAAGUB)].@
                                                                                      POOL#LTY_ENGINE_CALL2[(1900 08/15/13),(0AAAAAAAAAAAAGQZ)].@
                                                                                      POOL#LTY_ENGINE_CALL5[(1900 08/15/13),(0AAAAAAAAAAAAGTH)].@

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Awesome. Thanks a ton :-)

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Originally Posted by Jotne
Simple approach with awk
awk -F"[ #{}]+" '/^POOL/ {print $2,$3,$4,$(NF-1)}'

You have some line in your file that are some different from other, what to do with them.

Awesome. Thanks a ton :-) Works like a Charm
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