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Linux script - help!!

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Old 08-13-2013
I've had various issues with trying to use mtime and ctime in the past, so my usual method is to touch a file with a date time stamp of, say, a year ago
touch -t 20130813 ref_file

and then use
find . ! -newer ref_file

to find files that are older than the specific date
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Old 08-15-2013
Please find attached my script and let's see how we can fix it:


rm /tmp/old_files.txt
# This is script will remove 12+ months old CDRs after being compressed based

# Firstly Introduce our variables
SUBJECT="Old files backup process on the Server"

# Here we find all the 12+ months old files and put the results in file
find $SOURCE -mtime +580 -name "files_2*" >> /tmp/old_files.txt

# Here we will loop the output file and start our compression 

# Here we will remove the old files 

# Send an email to the team to ensure that everything is OK
echo "Please find d attached the files need to be removed" |  mail -s "$SUBJECT" -a /tmp/old_files.txt

old_files.txt is containing the following:

What I want here is to compress every month alone ex: files_201201.tar.bz2 and cdrs_201202.tar.bz2 in the required destination.

Your input is highly appreciated!

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Any update?

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