To make my script multi-os compatible

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Old 08-11-2013
To make my script multi-os compatible


I would like to make my script multi-os compatible and I am having problems to make it work.

I would like it to be compatible with those 4 linux versions : Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Centos.

I am mostly confused when it comes to the repository installation and the different os dependancies

Do you have any ideas of how I can make that work?

I have attached my script to the post.

I am also new to script programmation and I am open to suggestions and tips.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

<removed pastebin link>

Thank you !


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Old 08-12-2013
The code is not there so a few pointers...

1) Never make assumtions without quoting them and/or investigating them.
2) Do NOT take directory/folder/drawer trees as being identical on all the platforms.
3) Obtain units with default installs of the OSes you want to test with.
4) Check that the shell you want to use exists. Most Linux installs and the Macbook Pro default to bash.
5) Try to make your code backwards compatible - seriously difficult in Python.
6) If you are doing something odd inside the Terminal, (colours for example), ensure that the Terminals can handle them.
7) Ensure that any _commands_ you use exist and have the arguments you need; for example "stat -c ........" does not work on this Macbook Pro as the -c argument does not exist.
8) If you are not sure ask a Forum like this one to try out a command with the arguments you need on their platform of choice. There are people willing to help as it is a learning curve for them too.
9) Can't think of anything else at the moment. ;o)
10) Oh, and I am an amateur coder, I code to work first not work to code, but once working I will ask for help in speeding up any routines...
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