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Old 08-08-2013
Variable with multiple values

Hello I need to alter a script to check for a flag file but there are now more than one type of flag file in my directory. Basically if any of these flg files exist then the MASK value should be set? Flag files to be included in assignment to variable

Original assignment


New assignment would this work?

MASK = e2e_scheduled*.flg, COLL_STOP*.flg,contracted_coll*.flg
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Old 08-08-2013
I'm a little unclear what you are trying to acheive. Here are my thoughts on what I think you may be looking for:-

Is it just to detect if a file of that name exists?
if [ -r *.flg ]
   echo "Hit"
   echo "Miss"

If you want a list of files to loop through:-
for file in *.flg
   MASK=1     # Or whatever you want to set it to

If you want to assign all the names for files to the variable MASK comma seaparated:-
for file in *.flg
MASK="${MASK#,}"          # Remove leading comma

Am I anywhere near your requirement?

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