Good sed Book?

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You might try sed book "Definitive Guide to sed": sed book - Definitive Guide to sed
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CH_LAB(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 CH_LAB(1)

ch_lab -- change/copy label files SYNOPSIS
ch_lab [-S frame spacing] [-start time] [-end time] [-ext file extension] [-extract file] [-extend time] [-f sample frequency] [-lf sample frequency] [-itype file type] [-key key file] [-lablist list of labels] [-length time] [-map map file] [-name feature name] [-class class] [-o output file] [-otype file type] [-pad high | low] [-pos list of labels] [-q timestep] [-range range] [-sed sed file] [fl shift time delta] [-style output stype] [-vocab vocab file] [-verify] [-nopath] [-base] [-combine] [-divide] [-h] input files ... DESCRIPTION
ch_lab copies from one or more input label files to an output label file, optionally performing various operations along the way. The following option flags are recognized: -h Print a summary of usage to standard output. -S frame spacing frame spacing of output -start time start time, in seconds, for label extraction -end time end time, in seconds, for label extraction -ext file extension filename extension to use for multiple output files -extract file extract a single file from a list of files -extend time extend track file by time seconds beyond label file -f sample frequency sample frequency of label file -lf sample frequency sample frequency for labels -itype file type type of input label file: esps htk ogi -key key file key label file -lablist list list of labels to be considered as blank -length time length of track produced, in seconds -map map file label mapping file -name feature name eg. Fo Phoneme -class class name of class defined in op file -o output file output file name -otype file type output file type: xmg, ascii, esps, htk -pad high | low pad with high or low values -pos list list of labels to be regarded as 'pos' -q timestep quantize label timings to nearst value -range range difference between high and low values -sed sed file perform regex editing using sed file fl shift time delta shift the times of the labels -style output style output style e.g. track -vocab file file containing list of words in vocabulary -verify check that only labels in vocab file are in label file -nopath ignore pathnames when searching label lists -base use base filenames for lists of label files -combine -divide SEE ALSO
ch_wave(1) ch_track(1) Edinburgh Speech Tools April 5, 2001 Edinburgh Speech Tools

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