Gzip with high CPU utilization

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Old 05-16-2012
Gzip with high CPU utilization

Hello all,

I am very new to unix and trying to solve this problem.
I have cluster of 3 nodes. when I run TOP command on each server, I see a two GZIP processess with very high CPU utilization even,if I don't go backups or unzipping.

Can somebody tell me what is the problem, I don't want the GZIP process to take so much of CPU utiilzation.
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Old 05-16-2012
Find out what process is launching the gzip processes. Do something like:
ps fax | grep -B5 gzip

If your get an error, it's because your ps doesn't support the "f" option and/or grep doesn't support -B. In that case you'll have to trace the job manually using the parent id's of the process. Try:
ps jax

Find the progress with "gzip", and in the first column will be that process' parent pid (PPID). Find the process whose second column matches that number. Repeat until the PPID is 1. That will be the "parent" process.
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