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Script Verification

Hi eveyone
I am planning to use crontab to delete all files in my donwloads directory that are older than one hour

I will be using crontab to run this script

find /home/kee/downloads/* -daystart -mmin +59 -type f -name  -exec rm -r {}\;

could you please let me know if the above script will remove all files from my downloads directory

It is a slightly modified from this script i found on here which is
find /home/envivio/*/*.ts -daystart -maxdepth 1 -mmin +59 -type f -name "*.ts" -exec rm -r {}\;

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You don't need asterix or the -name clause:
find /home/kee/downloads -daystart -mmin +59 -type f -exec rm -r {}\;

Before putting it into your crontab, test it first on the command line.
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