Need help optimizing this piece of code (Shell script Busybox)

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Old 10-07-2011
Originally Posted by Corona688
# strips from the beginning of the string, % from the end. ## and %% are the same when you're removing a literal string, so might as well use % and #. See string operations. Not all shells have all of these. Some don't have any of them. Developers on embedded busybox are more fortunate than some people using 'real' shells, it has at least a few Smilie
VAR="${VAR#<title>}" # Strip out <title>
VAR="${VAR%</title>}" # Then strip out </title>

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YOu could also try putting quotes around "${VAR%"</title>"}"

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globbing should also work inside it, so:

VAR="${VAR#<[^>]*>}" # Remove first <...>
VAR="${VAR%<[^>]*>}" # Remove last <...>

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Also: If it works in the prompt and not in your script, then your data may not be what you really think it is. You feed it a nice "<title>stuf</title>" and it works but the data actually has stuff after <title> perhaps. PLEASE post a sample of your input data!!
Hi Corona,

None of the combination you provided works with that stupid busybox version that reside on the media player to remove the </title> .... what a pain this is.

Anyhow here's some sample of input/output files and the full source code in case you are interested. The code is pretty horrific I am sure but I am not a programmer this is a hobby and I am still learning. I plan on implementing some of the new tricks I learned from you to some other part of the code to improve things further.

Here's the inputs files:



Here's the output file (created with old/new version without the extra </title>)


And finally here's the full source code as it stands at this particular moment:


Thanks for your help/time

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Old 10-07-2011
There's extra whitespace all over the place in there. <title>'s not necessarily at the beginning, and </title>'s not necessarily at the end. That messes up all of those string replacements.

How about this? It uses the set -- trick, abusing the special IFS variable to split a string into $1, $2, ... based on <> tag characters. It won't matter what's at the beginning or end.

STR="  <title>The Adjustment Bureau</title>   "

OLDIFS="$IFS" # Save for later
# Because of IFS, this will split into "   ", "title", "the adjustment bureau", ...
# and we feed those into set -- to save those into $1, $2, ...
# If you were using $1, $2, ... for commandline arguments, better save them
# somewhere else first because this will wipe them out.
# $STR must not have quotes around it!  We're depending on the
# shell's own argument splitting here.
IFS="<>" ; set -- $STR ; IFS="$OLDIFS"
# Get rid of the "   "
while [ "$#" -gt 0 ] && ! [ "$1" = "title" ] ; do shift ; done
# The title is now $2.

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Old 10-07-2011
Post Deleted ..... Brain fart!

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