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Old 09-30-2011
Have files take on DIR permissions

Hello all;

I have a question based on a ticket I have from a user... K...first some background...this client needed a generic user setup to allow them to ftp files; user is called "msifpt"...so here's what they want to do now with this account:

1. Client will use the user id msiftp' to place the files in the /home/msiftp/xxx/export/edelivery/new directory
2. Another program is going to process the files from the above directory and place them in /export/edelivery/loaded
3. They wish to create a new directory called /home/msiftp/xxx/export/edelivery/rpts in which the output will be stored

So what they want besides the new directory (rpts) is a way to automatically make every file placed in the /home/msiftp/xxx/export/edelivery/new directory have a permission level of 666. And the reason is that the program that processes them will not pick up any files in the /home/msiftp/xxx/export/edelivery/new directory unless they are set to 666. Right now the client has to upload the file and then manually change it to 666 after it's placed in /home/msiftp/xxxexport/edelivery/new; they wish to avoid this second step.

So....what's ther best way (if possible) that allows the file; when placed in the directory /home/msiftp/xxxexport/edelivery/new to take on the directories 666 permissions?

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Old 09-30-2011
Is this straight ftp or are they using a secure or restricted ftp account?

If straight ftp they should be able to issue a 'umask' command in the ftp session before they put or mput the file(s).


umask 111
cd <directory>
put <file>

inside a regular ftp session should work.
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