How to remove a semi-repeating character in position 1 of a file

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Old 09-30-2011
How to remove a semi-repeating character in position 1 of a file

My file is in a good column format but several lines in the file begin with a zero. I'm in KSH and looking for a command to remove this zero and keep the text next to it. I don't want any of the zeros in the other columns removed.

Below is a snip from the file... all I need to do is remove that zero at the beginning of several lines. I can't seem to get cut or sed to work for me.

Contents of file:
0AAC            08/19/2011  14:38  03.40
 AAL            08/20/2010  09:21  01.20
 ABK            08/20/2010  09:22  01.11
0ABR            06/10/2011  11:27  01.45
 ACM            08/20/2010  09:23  01.10
 ADHOCREC       05/17/2011  14:01  01.55
 ADW            02/03/2011  11:14  01.24
 AEA            08/18/2011  14:36  01.13
 AGL            08/20/2010  09:27  01.88
0AGM            08/20/2010  09:28  01.13
 AGT            07/06/2011  08:57  01.91
 AGY            08/22/2011  15:30  01.93
 AHM            08/20/2010  09:38  01.10
 AJA            08/20/2010  09:39  01.16
 AJB            08/20/2010  09:40  01.15
0AJO            08/20/2010  09:41  01.36
0AJP            08/20/2010  09:42  01.12
 ALB            08/20/2010  09:43  01.26
0ALS            08/20/2010  09:43  01.10
 AMC            08/20/2010  09:43  01.20
 AMQ            04/07/2011  11:14  01.08
 AMY            08/20/2010  09:44  01.13
 APM            04/19/2011  09:03  02.46
 ARC            08/20/2010  09:50  01.08
0ASA            04/05/2011  13:56  01.28
 ASE            06/15/2011  10:34  01.44

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Old 09-30-2011
sed 's/^0//' File

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Old 09-30-2011
Tiny correction (assuming the alignment is to be maintained)...
sed 's/^0/ /' File

Or removed:
sed 's/^[0 ]//' File

If you want to remove multiple leading zeros:
sed 's/^0[0]*/ /' File

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