.netrc does not execute mput command

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Old 09-30-2011
Hi i've removed the macro and now this is the new output:
Connected to (
220 TYPSoft FTP Server 1.11 ready...
Unknown .netrc keyword put
Unknown .netrc keyword /tmp/elaboralog/20110928-totale.txt
Unknown .netrc keyword quit
331 Password required for nsm_ftp.
230 User nsm_ftp logged in.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.

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Old 09-30-2011
You can keep the macro. You just need to call it.

ftp -i 2100 << ! > /tmp/elaboralog/ftp_log_phase2
$ backup

And the compelling reasons for not using scp? Smilie
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Old 09-30-2011
Because of the customer is 'compelling' what i have to do SmilieSmilieSmilie
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Old 09-30-2011
And the customer, as we know, is always right Smilie

I was asking only as it's so long since I touched a .netrc file, I've forgotten most everything about it and FTP!
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Old 09-30-2011
We seem to have a fundamental problem here.
The error messages are "Unknown .netrc keyword".

The sole and only purpose of a the file called ".netrc" is to hold the username and password to access a remote ftp server. One line per server:
machine myservername login myaccount password mypassword

The commands to ftp should not be in the ".netrc" file.

In essence the answer is:
ftp -i myservername < myfilecontainingcommands > myoutputfile

The "ftp" will read a correctly formatted ".netrc" file to find out the password (providing that the .netrc file is in the right place and has the right permissions).

If this doesn't crack it, please mention what Operating System (and version) and what Shell you are using.
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Old 09-30-2011
Originally Posted by methyl
The sole and only purpose of a the file called ".netrc" is to hold the username and password to access a remote ftp server.
That is not an accurate statement.

It is possible to define macros in the .netrc file, that do contain FTP commands.

The errors the user shows are because the macdef command was removed (but the FTP commands for it were not).

The second code segment in post #1 shows a perfectly valid .netrc file.
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Old 09-30-2011
I see what you mean but the ".netrc" quoted is not valid on normal "ftp" because the "machine" line is split into multiple lines. I didn't notice the "macdef" line ... but I now believe it to be surplus.
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