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Old 09-27-2011
something to start with...

typeset -i thrF=80
typeset -i thrU=90

typeset -i sleepPeriod=10

while :
  free -m | awk -f tF=${thrF} -v "${thrU}"'/^Mem:/ { f+=$4; u+=$3 } END {t=f+u; freeper=f/t*100; usedper=u/t*100
; if (freep>thrF) printf("freeper > thresholdFree\n"); if (usedp>thrU) printf("usedper > thresholdUsed\n")}'
  sleep "${sleepPeriod}"

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Old 09-27-2011
Originally Posted by robo
this is not working Smilie
It is definitely working. I copy and pasted the command and its result.
here is my code for ...
You should have explained in your posting you were expecting awk printf to be redirected in a variable. Without context, it's hard to guess.

Here is probably what you are looking for, although there are a lot of potential optimizations:
FREE=`free -m | awk '/^Mem:/    { printf( "%s\n", $4 ); }'`
USED=`free -m | awk '/^Mem:/    { printf( "%s\n", $3 ); }'`
TOTAL=`expr $FREE + $USED`
FREEPER=$(awk -v TOTAL=$TOTAL -v FREE=$FREE -v USED=$USED 'BEGIN {printf "%3.2f%%",FREE/TOTAL*100;exit}')
USEDPER=$(awk -v TOTAL=$TOTAL -v FREE=$FREE -v USED=$USED 'BEGIN {printf "%3.2f%%",USED/TOTAL*100;exit}')

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