How to compare a file name with a regular expression !!

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Old 09-26-2011
Question How to compare a file name with a regular expression !!


I need to compare file names in a folder with several strings(which are in regular expression format):

For example:
there is a file "objectMyHistoryBook" and there are several strings to compare this file name with:

objectMyMaths*, objectMyEnglish*, objectMyHistory*, objectMyChemistry* etc

so I tried this:
#there are several files in the concerned folder so assigning each name in 'file'
if [ [ $file="objectMyMaths*"] -o [ $file="objectMyEnglish*" ] -o [ $file="objectMyHistory*"] -o [ $file="objectMyChemistry] ];
{file name matches one of the string so do this }

But this is not working. Need help..!!
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Old 09-26-2011
Put all the strings in one file ( pattern.txt )

$cat pattern.txt
$while read pattern
   ls -lrt $pattern* > /dev/null && echo "File found for $pattern" || echo "file not found for this $pattern"
done < pattern.txt

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Old 09-27-2011
Depending on your shell you could try one of these:

if [[ "$file" = objectMyMaths* ]] ||
   [[ "$file" = objectMyEnglish* ]] ||
   [[ "$file" = objectMyHistory* ]] ||
   [[ "$file" = objectMyChemistry* ]]
 echo {file name matches one of the string so do this }

case "$file" in
        echo {file name matches one of the string so do this }
        echo "No match"

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