HPUX "bdf" , "%" align to right side.

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Thanks! Peasant
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align(3U)                                                   InterViews Reference Manual                                                  align(3U)

AlignCmd, AlignToGridCmd - commands for aligning interactors to each other and to a grid SYNOPSIS
#include <Unidraw/Commands/align.h> DESCRIPTION
AlignCmd is a purely interpretive command for aligning selected components with respect to one another. For example, it can align the left sides of selected components so that they coincide. AlignToGridCmd is interpreted by selected GraphicView objects to align themselves to the grid (if any) associated with the viewer in which they appear. Each component can thus define what it means to align itself to the grid. ALIGNCMD PUBLIC OPERATIONS
AlignCmd( ControlInfo*, Alignment reference = Left, Alignment affected = Left ) AlignCmd(Editor* = nil, Alignment = Left, Alignment = Left) The constructor takes optional arguments for specifying the alignment desired. The reference parameter specifies a point on a fixed reference component. The affected parameter specifies a point on components that will move to realize the alignment. The defaults for these parameters specify that all affected components should align their left sides to reference's left side. void GetAlignment(Alignment&, Alignment&) Return the alignment parameters specified in the constructor. GraphicComp* GetReference(GraphicComp* affected) Return the reference component given a potentially affected component. If affected appears in the AlignCmd's clipboard, then GetRe- ference returns the GraphicComp preceding it in the clipboard. If affected is the first component in the clipboard or if it is not on the clipboard, then GetReference returns the first component on the clipboard. ALIGNTOGRIDCMD PUBLIC OPERATIONS
AlignToGridCmd(ControlInfo*) AlignToGridCmd(Editor* = nil) Construct an AlignToGridCmd. virtual void Execute() virtual void Unexecute() AlignToGridCmd redefines Execute to let the selected GraphicView objects interpret the command the first time. This lets the compo- nents determine the proper grid with which to align themselves and the amount of movement required. Execute assumes that Graph- icView objects will use the Align operation (described below) to compute the amount of movement, store it in a MoveData object, and finally issue a MoveCmd to the subject for interpretation. Unexecute simply calls Unmove (described below) to reverse the Align's effects. virtual void Align(GraphicView*, float, float) virtual void Unalign(GraphicView*) GraphicView objects interpreting the AlignToGridCmd should use the Align operation to specify a point to align to the grid that affects them. Align will effectively move the component so that the given point falls on the grid. It will also store the amount of movement in this by calling Store with a MoveData object. Finally, Align calls Move (described below) to actually move the com- ponent that amount. Unalign provides a public interface to reversing the effects of Align by simply calling Unmove with its argu- ment's subject. ALIGNTOGRIDCMD PROTECTED OPERATIONS
void Move(GraphicComp*) void Unmove(GraphicComp*) Move produces a MoveCmd based on the MoveData stored for the given GraphicComp and tells the GraphicComp to interpret the MoveCmd. Conversely, Unmove produces a MoveCmd based on the the same information and tells the GraphicComp to uninterpret it. SEE ALSO
Command(3U), GraphicComp(3U), GraphicView(3U), Grid(3U), Viewer(3U), datas(3U), transforms(3U) Unidraw 23 January 1991 align(3U)