Delete lines in file containing duplicate strings, keeping longer strings

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Old 09-16-2011
Delete lines in file containing duplicate strings, keeping longer strings

The question is not as simple as the title... I have a file, it looks like this

<string name="string1">RZ-LED</string>
<string name="string2">2.0</string>
<string name="string2">Version 2.0</string>
<string name="string3">BP</string>

I would like to check for duplicate entries of string2, keeping the longer of two lines...

output would ideally be

<string name="string1">RZ-LED</string>
<string name="string2">Version 2.0</string>
<string name="string3">BP</string>

Is this possible using GNU tools?
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Old 09-16-2011
Are the duplicate lines always consecutive?
What should happen if more than one line have the same length?
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Old 09-16-2011
Assuming the XML is as you've shown it and not some slightly different arrangement:

$ awk -v FS="\"" '{
        # Remember the order tokens come in
        if(!L[$2]) { C[N++]=$2; L[$2]=1; }
        # Save the longest
        if(length($3) > length(A[$2])) { A[$2]=$3; B[$2]=$0 }

END { for(M=0; M<N; M++) print B[C[M]] }' < data
<string name="string1">RZ-LED</string>
<string name="string2">Version 2.0</string>
<string name="string3">BP</string>

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Old 09-16-2011
duplicate lines are not always consecutive, and the item names can vary Smilie

string1 may be defined at line 18, and then string1 might be defined again at like 818...

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but you know what? corona, your solution seems to work Smilie

my awk-fu is weak
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Old 09-16-2011
I kind of cheated. I split on " to get string1/string2/string3 directly(as $2). As long as there's no " anywhere else, $3 is the entire rest of the line, which I use to compare the lengths. I also store the entire line for printing later, and use the C array to remember the order.
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Old 09-16-2011
The string lengths can vary a lot. Actually it causes issues with long strings, it creates new lines in the file, which doesn't fly.

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new lines in the strings is what I meant*

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here is an example string that gets mangled:

%1$s\n\nFrom: %2$s\n\nTo: %3$s

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and the reason it is mangled is because of those newline characters in the string... the awk script interprets the newlines when in fact the newline is not supposed to show up until application runtime Smilie

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ignoring the "\n"'s would be ideal, can that be done? I don't really understand any of your function...

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I got around the newline thing with sed: sed -i -e 's/\\/\\\\/g'
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Old 09-16-2011
I did ask if the text was always as shown; apparently not. This is why xml is so hard to awk...

Something like that would've been my suggestion to fix it anyway, though Smilie

I don't understand how that string would cause awk to mess up, though! Can you show the actual XML surrounding it?
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