Diff two files with threshold value

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Old 09-16-2011
Try next 'Perl' script:
$ cat file1
$ cat file2
$ cat script.pl
use warnings;
use strict;

@ARGV == 2 or die qq[Usage: perl $0 file1 file2\n];

my $num_file = 1;
my %line;

while ( <> ) {
        my @f = split /\|/;

        if ( $num_file == 1 ) {
                $line{ "@f[0..$#f-1]" } = $f[-1];

        if ( $num_file == 2 ) {
                if ( exists $line{ "@f[0..$#f-1]" } and abs( $line{ "@f[0..$#f-1]" } - $f[-1] ) > 0.1 ) {
                        printf "> %s\n< %s\n", 
                                join( "|", @f[0..$#f-1], $line{ "@f[0..$#f-1]" } ),
                                join( "|", @f[0..$#f-1], $f[-1] );
} continue {
        ++$num_file if eof;
$ perl script.pl
Usage: perl script.pl file1 file2
$ perl script.pl file1 file2
> lmn|3000|kapi|4.6
< lmn|3000|kapi|4.1

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Old 09-16-2011
It work perfectly for forth column

But it don't catch the difference in 1 to 3 column

for example

file 2


if the the second row second column is different it don't work

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Old 09-16-2011
Seven posts to try to make clear what you are trying to get, and still confused. I think we are not understanding each other, and may be my problem. I will quote:

You said:
2) I have to sort the file on the second and third column
To question of spynappels:
do you want output if the file occurs in only 1 file, or only if it appears in both files and has a difference of more than 0.1 in column 3?
your answer is:
only if it appears in both files
The program compares the first three fields of each line in both files. Only if they are the same compares the fourth column. In your last example the second field is different (9000 < 12000). For the program those lines are different so there is nothing to compare and nothing to send to output.

You post different input with each message. Please, try to help me a little and tell what 'same line in both files' means to you. Say what to do when field1, or field2, or field3 is different in both files. Say what to do if there is a line in one file that doesn't exists in the other one (all fields different) and post an example of input file with all cases and exactly the expected output.

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Old 09-16-2011
Birei sorry for not being clear,

the script work fine.
Perl is new to me so was not able to translate the logic.
but this script works fine for me Smilie

Thanks Birei for all your effort
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Old 09-16-2011
It does not matter.

You can safely indicate if the program doesn't work well, but understand that sometimes it is inconvenient to change the code because requirements are not clear from the beginning.

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