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Old 09-14-2011
Bug Getting the cursor position

I need to get the cursor position, and put it inside a variable. Problem is, i don't have the tput command, or ncurses.

Apparently I was supposed to try the following:

echo -e '\E[6n'

But I don't get a value or anything. Please help.
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Old 09-15-2011
Try this:

echo -e '\033[6n' ; read -sd R CURPOS

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Old 09-15-2011
That doesn't work for some reason. Is there another way?
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Old 09-15-2011
Which escape sequence actually works depends on the terminal (and the terminal emulation) you use. Alas, the times where knowing the terminal type was a matter of issuing "echo $TERM" are long gone: most of the wonderful replacements of "xterm" desktop systems like GNOME or KDE are pestering us with their own replacements which claim to be "xterm"s when in fact they aren't - only compatible up to a certain point.

So make sure you are really working with the terminal you believe to work with and maybe re-read the termcap sequences of the one really used.

I hope this helps.

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