Help to move folders, subfolders and files from unix to windows

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Old 09-14-2011
Help to move folders, subfolders and files from unix to windows

Hi Unix Gurus,

I am able to copy only files that exist in the parent folder. My parent folder has sub folders and within sub folders there are lots files.

I need to copy folder, sub folders and files from Unix to the remote windows SFTP location.

The directory structure is something like this:
Plan A                  

There will be folders like Plan A, Plan B etc and each will have subfolder structure like above.

I wanted to copy and replace the entire Plan folders from Unix to SFTP folder on a daily basis. I dont want to check whether the files are new. Everything is handled in Unix.

Note: The password less setup to transfer files between Unix and windows is already in place.
sftp user@servername<<EOF
put /opt/data/* /

The above script just copies files inside the folder "data". But I need to copy the folders Plan A, Plan B etc which is inside "data" folder.

I get the following error:
skipping non-regular file /opt/data/PlanA
skipping non-regular file /opt/data/PlanB

Please help me.

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Old 09-14-2011
try mput
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