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Old 09-06-2011
NULL Search String & File Name

Hi All,

I am writting a Sell Script, that takes Search String & File Name from the terminal and check for Null Status. If either is NULL then pgm should quit.

I wrote the following:

bash-3.2$ cat
#WASS that takes Search String & File Name from the terminal and check for Null Status. If either is NULL then pgm should quit.
echo "Please Enter the Search String:"
read pat
if [ -Z $pat ]
     echo "Pattern entered is Empty"
       echo "Please enter the File name:"
       read file
     if [ -Z $file ]
           echo "File name not passed"
           echo "Following is the grepped output:"
           grep $pat $file


bash-3.2$ ./
Please Enter the Search String:
./ line 8: [: -Z: unary operator expected
Please enter the File name:
./ line 15: [: -Z: unary operator expected

Following is the grepped output:

Hi all.... I am Manish, I am learning UNIX.

Could anyone please let me know why I am getting the error (highlighted in red above) even I am getting the desired output.

Many thanks in advance.

Thank you,

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Old 09-06-2011

It should be small "z"
if [ -z $pat ]

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Old 09-06-2011
It worked file now. Thank you very much.
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