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Old 09-01-2011
assign date to a variable


i've just started learning a bit of shell scripting and i wanted to know how to assign the value of the day of the month (i think the command for that is date +%d) to a variable say 'd' so that i can display 'st', 'nd', 'rd' and 'th' depending upon the value of that variable.

i'd appreciate it if someone could explain how i could go about doing this...i'm a 16yr old newbie, so i don't know how far hints and pointers would go...but any help is welcome Smilie
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Old 09-01-2011
General command to variable assignment:
d=`date +%d`

d=$(date +%d)

I guess You didn't try to look it for Yourself at all. Did You? Smilie
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Old 09-01-2011
I did the same thing actually, however, I kept getting the full date when I used echo $d and so I don't know how to execute the rest of what I want to do.

And I'm doing this in terminal (OS 10.7.1) and I hope to execute this script in yeah, I don't have much to refer to, I'm sorry if this question was too noobish :P
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Old 09-01-2011
hmm, why dont you post the command and the results here.
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Old 09-01-2011
xXWiLdAcEXx-2:~ xXWiLdAcEXx$ DATE=`date +%d`
xXWiLdAcEXx-2:~ xXWiLdAcEXx$ echo $DATE
Thu 1 Sep 2011 14:00:33 AST

thats it...however when i do

xXWiLdAcEXx-2:~ xXWiLdAcEXx$ date +%d

which i might be able to manipulate using the if/then construct...yes?
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Old 09-01-2011
just give a try like this...

mydate=`date "+%d"`
echo $mydate

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