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Old 08-31-2011
Need help on output

Guys please help me with my script.

HEre is my script.

# Set up limit below

# CPU Usage every minute
TOP="$(top -b -n2 -d 00.20 |grep Cpu|tail -1 | awk -F ":" '{ print $2 }' | cut -d, -f1 | cut -d'%' -f1)"

# if load >= 5.0 create a file /home/scripts/loadavg.txt
if [ '$TOP -ge $NOTIFY' ]; then
echo $TOP "Warning!! CPU usage is above treshold" >> /home/scripts/loadavg.txt

This should generate a texfile when the $TOP is greater than $Notify. But the thing is even if its not below 5.0 it still creating a file.

see below

[root@localhost scripts]# sh -x cpu_alert
+ NOTIFY=5.0
++ top -b -n2 -d 00.20
++ grep Cpu
++ tail -1
++ awk -F : '{ print $2 }'
++ cut -d, -f1
++ cut -d% -f1
+ TOP=' 0.0'
+ '[' '$TOP -ge $NOTIFY' ']'
+ echo 0.0 'Warning!! CPU usage is above treshold'

Thanks in advance
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Old 08-31-2011
BASH does not support numbers with decimal places.

You can get the CPU use for the last minute much, much, much easier than top | awk | sed | cut | grep | kitchen | sink. The first three tokens from /proc/loadavg are the load average for the last minute, the last 5 minutes, and the last hour.
# Read all the stuff we want from /proc/loadavg

# Convert 0.90 into 90.
# The shell interprets leading zeros as OCTAL, so we can't just feed 090 into
# it and get a sane result.  We shove a 1 onto the front to get 1090, then
# subtract 1000.
LASTMIN=$((1${LASTMIN/./} - 1000))

if [ "$LASTMIN" -gt 50 ]
        echo "Load average for last 5 minutes higher than 5.0"

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