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Old 08-30-2011
External IP Address of Linux Server


I am trying to find the external IP address of a server "XXX".
I logged into server "XXX" and executed nslookup XXX. output number is
Later, i have executed "curl http://whatismyip.org". This time i got a different number 611.34.63.22

Out of these two numbers, what number should i share with outside companies who wish to receive file from us through FTP ( outside company needs to give permission to our server to connect to theirs ).
What is the difference between these two numbers?

Please help me out.
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Old 08-30-2011
It can be neither of those addresses. It depends on network topology and configuration. Your (server) administrator should give You this answer, eventually Your ISP.
And I think, there's sth wrong with the second IP: 611.x.x.x Smilie Maybe a typo...
Is the XXX server behind any NAT? Does it have direct internet access?
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