Ignoring special character while running a job

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Old 08-30-2011
Ignoring special character while running a job

I am running a program as follows (using uniface)
"chngpasswd.sh drg_ldos1 manager64 manager65 SMART2AP"

in which manager64 , manager65 is a variables and keeps on changing, above command works fine but in case we have special characters it fails as shown below

"chngpasswd.sh drg_ldos1 manager64 manager" SMART2AP"

In above case there are multiple " which is then executed by shell incorectly ,I thing this can be handled by escape character ..may i know how this can be handled as the special character can be anywhere in
manager64 and manager65 ( it can be some other value as well , because its a password)
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Old 08-30-2011
can try like this -
"chngpasswd.sh drg_ldos1 manager64 manager\" SMART2AP"


chngpasswd.sh "drg_ldos1" "manager64" "manager\"" "SMART2AP"

depends upon your usage

try \ for escape character
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Old 08-30-2011
"chngpasswd.sh drg_ldos1 manager64 manager" SMART2AP"

this was just an example " can be anywhere like , meaning its a variable ..
So i cant hard code it .

"chngpasswd.sh drg_ldos1 manager64 man"ger SMART2AP"
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Old 08-30-2011
while assigning the value to the variables (manager64 and manager65) itself, use the triple backslashes ..
$ cat filename
echo $manager64 $manager65
$ sh filename ram\\\"re jay\\\?\\\`\\\"tr
ram\"re jay\?\`\"tr

Then pass the value(manager64 and manager65) as input to your script named "chngpasswd.sh" . Now your script will pick up the special characters..
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