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Old 08-24-2011
Select ksh menu question

I am creating a Select menu with a few options and I would like to create a "better" looking interface than just this:

1) Option 1
2) Option 2
3) Option 3

Instead, I would like something like this:

* Cool Script *
* 1) Option 1 *
* 2) Option 2 *
* 3) Option 3 *

Can I do this with Select or do I have to use tput or something else? Below is a snippet of my script so far...

select cmd in "Option 1" "Option 2" "Option 3"
        case $cmd in
                "Option 1")
                        select option in "Yes" "No"
                                case $option in
                                        "Yes") print "**Not configured**"
                                               sleep 2
                                        "No")  break;;
                                        *) print "You must enter a valid response!"
                                               sleep 2

I predefined the PS3 prompts since I use them frequently in the script and I wanted the menu to appear everytime the user needed to provide input (to remind them what they are inputing for). I tried redirecting the screen output of the Select line to /dev/null, but ksh has an issue with the ">".

I googled for an answer/hint but I did not have any luck.

Thank you for any help.
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Old 08-24-2011
You could come up with your own system. Ask the google, I have seen many menuing systems folks have come up with. Here's a fairly simple one:

typeset -r SLEEPTIME=2

REVON=$(tput smso)  # Reverse on.
REVOFF=$(tput rmso) # Reverse off.

while :
    print "\t    $REVON One way to do a menu $REVOFF"
    print "\tOptions:"
    print "\t---------------------------------------------"
    print "\t1) Option 1     4) Option 4"
    print "\t2) Option 2     5) Option 5"
    print "\t3) Option 3     6) Option 6"
    print "\n\tOther Options:"
    print "\t----------------"
    print "\tr) Refresh screen"
    print "\tq) Quit"
    print "\tEnter your selection: r\b\c"
    read selection
    if [[ -z "$selection" ]]
        then selection=r

    case $selection in
        1)  print "\nYou selected option 1"
            sleep $SLEEPTIME
        2)  print "You selected option 2"
            sleep $SLEEPTIME
        3)  print "You selected option 3"
            sleep $SLEEPTIME
        4)  print "You selected option 4"
            sleep $SLEEPTIME
        5)  ;&  #  Fall through example.
        6)  print "You selected option 5 or 6"
            sleep $SLEEPTIME
      r|R)  continue
      q|Q)  print
        *)  print "\n$REVON Invalid selection $REVOFF"
            sleep 1

Looks like this:
        One way to do a menu

        1) Option 1     4) Option 4
        2) Option 2     5) Option 5
        3) Option 3     6) Option 6

        Other Options:
        r) Refresh screen
        q) Quit

        Enter your selection: q


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Old 09-05-2011

You can try the Curses Command Frontend (CCFE), a nice tool
to create menus to call shell scripts or commands.
It's curses based, so you can select items by moving a
cursor using arrow keys.
You can also add a form to ask user for input parameters and options
requested by selected script.
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