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Old 08-24-2011
The comparison test fails because the value of $result has a lot more irrelevant characters besides the column value. For example, you do not need the blurb, the heading, the feedback message etc.

Change the following:

my $result = qx { sqlplus $connect_string <<EOF 
select (rcrd_cnt) from rptg.r_sb_stg_data_fl_acq_cyc_cntl where data_acq_cyc_cntl_id = (select max(data_acq_cyc_cntl_id) from rptg.r_sb_stg_data_fl_acq_cyc_cntl where srce_id=1 and srce_fl_id = 109 ); 

to this:

my $result = qx { sqlplus -s $connect_string <<EOF 
set pages 0 feed off
select (rcrd_cnt) from rptg.r_sb_stg_data_fl_acq_cyc_cntl where data_acq_cyc_cntl_id = (select max(data_acq_cyc_cntl_id) from rptg.r_sb_stg_data_fl_acq_cyc_cntl where srce_id=1 and srce_fl_id = 109 ); 

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