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Old 08-24-2011
File search in perl

Hi Gurus,

Lately I have started to learn perl and need your kind support on the below query

I want to search a file with name like ff_GRD_abcd_251.dat

Now I will take input from user only the number i.e. 251 and the script will show o/p as the file name

In the directory there are several files with 251 such as


So I have to concate the GRD part so it only shows ff_GRD_abcd_251.dat

So far I code

sub file_search {  
opendir (DIR, "/opt/grpwhse/stage") or die "Failed to open directory\n";
 @dirs_found = grep { /\*GRD\*$xml_file_name/ } readdir DIR;
 closedir (DIR);
#print "dir ::@dirs_found\n";
 return @dirs_found;

but \*GRD\* is not working
Kindly help

Also can you please give me any resource how to connect sqlplus via perl
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Old 08-24-2011
Escaping the meta-character means you mean them literally to be present in the file-name, hence try without escaping them as below and replace the curly braces with parenthesis..
@dirs_found = grep(/.*GRD.*$xml_file_name/,readdir(DIR));

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