Making use of multiple cores for running sed and awk scripts

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Old 08-22-2011
Originally Posted by yazu
From GNU parallel man page:
So what? It's still a poor programming practice for a variety of reasons you're already aware of, and shouldn't be taught to others as an example. These threads are supposed to be references.
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gpt-postinstall - Searches for post install scripts and executes them SYNOPSIS
gpt-postinstall [-help -force -version -man -location ] DESCRIPTION
gpt-postinstall Searches an installation for post-install scripts that have not been run yet and executes them. These scripts are installed by Setup packages and are designed to localize an installation. The -force flag can be used to re-run all of the setup scripts. OPTIONS
-force forces all action to be taken, regardless of state. -help Print a brief help message and exits. -man Prints the manual page and exits. -version Prints the version of GPT and exits. -location Location indicates the path to the Globus installation that will be used. SEE ALSO
gpt-install(1) gpt-uninstall(1) gpt-verify(1) AUTHOR
Michael Bletzinger <> and Eric Blau <> perl v5.14.2 2012-04-30 GPT-POSTINSTALL(8)