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Old 08-16-2011
Contention Identifier Script

Hi Experts,

Need some help with a script which is definetly beyond my scripting skills.

Here is flat file that I have with 4 Key Columns

KEYCOLUMN1              KEYCOLUMN2              KEYCOLUMN3      KEYCOLUMN4

123ABC                  AEG                     MANCHESTER      BIGBOX
123ABC                  SAMSUNG                 HEYWOOD         BIGBOX
123ABC                  SIEMENS                 BOLTON          BIGBOX
123ABC                  GORENJE                 STOCKPORT       BIGBOX
123ABC                  HAIER                   DUKINFIELD      BIGBOX
123ABC                  WHIRLPOOL               ALTRINCHAM      RETAIL

234BCD                  SAMSUNG                 DREWSBURY       BIGBOX
234BCD                  SIEMENS                 WAKEFIELD       BIGBOX
234BCD                  GORENJE                 CASTLEFORD      BIGBOX
234BCD                  AEG                     BRADFORD        BIGBOX
234BCD                  HAIER                   BRIGHOUSE       BIGBOX
234BCD                  SAMSUNG                 DREWSBURY       RETAIL

345CDE                  SAMSUNG                 DREWSBURY       BIGBOX
345CDE                  ASKO                    WAKEFIELD       BIGBOX
345CDE                  GORENJE                 CASTLEFORD      BIGBOX
345CDE                  AEG                     BRADFORD        BIGBOX
345CDE                  HAIER                   BRIGHOUSE       BIGBOX
345CDE                  ASKO                    WAKEFIELD       BIGBOX

In the above set of data, I need to find all retailers that are dealing in the same brand with Contention. Contention here is defined as the "Same brand being sold by more than one BIGBOX store or the same brand is being sold by BIGBOX store as well as in another RETAIL location.

So when you apply this contention rule to the above data and in case of the Productid, 123ABC there is no contention.

However when it comes to product 234BCD, SAMSUNG is being sold at the same DREWSBURY location but under a retail Umbrella as well as by a BIGBOX chain. So, this record needs to be identified.

In the same fashion, Productid, 345CDE has ASKO brand being sold and serviced in WAKEFIELD by more than 2 BIGBOX stores. This needs to be identified as well.

I know this can be done by importing the data into mysql database but is this even be possible using a script ?

My skills are so limited on the unix side that I cant seem to go anywhere with this problem at hand.

Please help !
P Gonzalez

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Old 08-16-2011
What output do you want - exactly.

This "identifies" the scenario your defined
awk '{arr[$1 $2]++; next} 
     END{for (i in arr) 
        {print i, "other retail=", $4 } 
     }'  inputfile

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Old 08-17-2011
Mr. Macnamara,

That was Sheer Brilliance ! Absolutely mind boggling.

Thank you and super big Thank you !

Now, here are my questions. First I edited your code in here by adding another bracket as you might have overlooked and it just worked in two different ways.

$awk '{arr[$1 $2]++; next}
END{ for (i in arr)
if(arr[i]>1)}   <--
{print i, "other retail=", $4 } 

and I got the following result -
345CDEHAIER other retail=

Also, when I edited as below -

$awk '{arr[$1 $2]++; next}
END{for (i in arr)
{print i, "other retail=", $4 }

& here is what I see in the resultant file

other retail=
234BCDSAMSUNG other retail=
345CDEASKO other retail=

And I do want both these records as they are both Contentious records. Now, here are my big questions. How scalable is this ? Can this script handle a million rows ?


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Jim mcnamara,

Thank you for taking time in answering the question that I had on hand.

I need to add to you the following question, how do I basically print the whole line as when I do the following it is not printing in the entire original record as such -

awk '{arr[$1 $4 ]++; next} END{for (i in arr) { if(arr[i]>1) {print i, $0 }}}' RETAILERSSAMPLEFILE

& this returns the following output.


Which is not the desired output in completeness & is also not in the format as seen here.

Is there any possible tweak here that you can induce to see the entire record as such ? I mean the entire line in its unformatted originality as such. As far as scalabitliy goes, I ran this on a 50,000 line file & it worked just as fast as I could expect but Im apprehensive about a 1000000 records file as I dont want this to suck up all of the cpu time.

Once again, thanks for the big help !

P Gonzalez.

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