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Old 08-09-2011
Question Compare Two Files(Column By Column) In Perl or shell

I am writing a comparator script, which comapre two txt files(column by column)
below are the precondition of this comparator
1)columns of file are not seperated

where charactr 1-5 if field1
character 6-9 is field2 etc.

second file is also same structure. but the filed1 of file1 may differ from field1 of file2.

2) Field_Desc.csv
the position of fields is taken from third file (just call it Field_desc.csv)
from this file => we can take a field position and its length
My question:
1) i am reading all files, but how to cut a specific column of a file(not line by line). I need entire column in a seperate variable.

field1 of file1

field1 of file2
=> I am not getting above result.

2) now I will perform the diff command or check line1 of file1 is equal to line1 of file2. need result as below

field1_of_file1 field1_of_file2 Result
88888 95789 "Error not equal value"
12435 89457 "Error not equal value"
89458 57895 "Error not equal value"
11111 11111 "Files has same value"

3) Script is executed as below
perl File1.txt File2.txt Filed_Desc.csv
and result must be writeen in another file "Result.log"

please help me. I was in second position "not able to cut the file in column basis.
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Old 08-09-2011
so the length of the fields will be present in another file? we have to read that and then get the columns?

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Old 08-09-2011
Look like a homework , please read the forum rules.

You can use the shell parameter expansions to segment your records:
# for file in file[1,2].txt;do while read line;do echo $file ${line:0:5} ${line:5:4};done < $file;done
file1.txt 8888 12341
file1.txt 1243 48895
file1.txt 8945 96789
file1.txt 1111 11111
file2.txt 9578 56789
file2.txt 8945 89789
file2.txt 5789 67895
file2.txt 1111 11111

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