refine awk command in replacing carriage return

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Old 08-11-2011
OK the else clause is when we have accumulated more than 10 fields.

Unfortunatlly your data file has a newline after field 10 to indicate the end of the record, but no "|". So if we just remove all newline chars and collect 10 fields you end up with:

11|12|13|14|15|16|Testing :::remarks|18|19A_2|21

The code here is looking for a newline after field 10 and splitting out the bit after this into the first field of the next record so we dont end up with "col10A_1"
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Old 08-12-2011
Thanks for your explanation.

I tested the script, and it doesnt work for awk command. Thus, i changed to nawk command.

It hits below error:

nawk: you can only delete array[element] at source line 11
context is
lete a >>>
<<< F=0
nawk: syntax error at source line 11
nawk: illegal statement at source line 11

Appreciate your help.
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