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Old 08-02-2011
Re ordering lines - Awk

Is it possible to re-order certain rows as columns (of large files).
Few lines from the file for reference.

Splicing Factor: Tra2beta, Motif: aaguguu, Cutoff: 0.5000
Sequence Position	Genomic Coordinate	K-mer     	Score   
97               	chr1:67052604     	uacuguu   	0.571   
147              	chr1:67052554     	augugua   	0.536   
166              	chr1:67052535     	aaauuuu   	0.500   
226              	chr1:67052475     	aauugug   	0.612   
Splicing Factor: SRp20, Motif: wcwwc, Cutoff: 0.7200
Sequence Position	Genomic Coordinate	K-mer     	Score   
302              	chr1:67052399     	ucauc     	0.875   
349              	chr1:67052352     	acauc     	0.740

Splicing_Factor	Motif	Cutoff	Sequence_Position	Genomic_Coordinate	K-mer	Score   
Tra2beta	aaguguu	0.5000	97	chr1:67052604     	uacuguu   	0.571
Tra2beta	aaguguu	0.5000	147	chr1:67052554     	augugua   	0.536
Tra2beta	aaguguu	0.5000	166	chr1:67052535     	aaauuuu   	0.500 
Tra2beta	aaguguu	0.5000	226	chr1:67052475     	aauugug   	0.612
SRp20	wcwwc	0.7200	302	chr1:67052399	ucauc	0.875   
SRp20	wcwwc	0.7200	349	chr1:67052352	acauc	0.740

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Old 08-02-2011
If the blocks to be transposed fit into memory, you can read the data into a 2-dimensional array and then print them in the desired layout.
Have a look at to get an idea how this works.
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Old 08-02-2011
Is it possible to re-order certain rows as columns (of large files).
% perl -0777 -lne '                                                            
# print header
for ( /^Splicing Factor.*?(?=Splicing Factor|\z)/msg ) {
  @data = split /\n/;                               
  # parse $data[0] and remember values
  # loop  @data[2..$#data] and print out all values

But I'm too lazy to write the real code instead of comments.
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Old 08-02-2011
Try if the below one works..
awk 'BEGIN{FS="[, ]";print "Splicing_Facto Motif Cutoff Sequence_Score"}/Splicing/{v=$3;s=$6;c=$9};$0 !~ /Seq|Spli/{print v,s,c,$0}' inputfile

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