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Old 08-01-2011
Help with Archiving multiple files based on name and date

Dear Gurus,

I am a novice in shell scripts. I have a requirement where I need to move files every day from Current Folder to Archive folder.

Daily I will be receiving 5 files in the folder - /opt/data/feeds/.
The feeds folder has two sub-folders - Current and Archive.

For example the first day, the I receive file and names will be like:

The last 8 characters are the mmddyyyy.

Very first time Current folder will be empty so I just move the files from
/opt/data/feeds/ to /opt/data/feeds/Current.

Again the second day, I will be receiving the following files:

When I receive the files, I should the move the existing files from Current to Archive folder and then place the new files in the "Current" folder.

Also there is another condition where say for example on the third day, I receive only 3 out of 5.

In this case, the current folder should keep the file2 and file4 (which is from 08022011) and file1,3,5 (which is from 08032011). The file1,3,5(of 08022011) should be moved to Archive. The current folder should always have the most recent date for each file.

Also the archive folder should have only the last 6 days for each file.

So every day the current folder will have 5 files and Archive folder will have 30 files.

Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance.

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Old 08-01-2011
Usually, the trick is to put the files all in the archive, and as each comes in, link it to current without a date in the name, after removing any link from before.

How do you know the file is fully written and can be used? Discovery seems silly, when the producer could just install it.
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Old 08-01-2011
These files are actually report outputs with .CSV extension. They are moved to this folder via application.

I am using something like below:


ls -1 *.xlsx > all_archive_files.txt
echo archive_list: $archive_list
for archive_file in `cat $archive_list`
echo archive_file:$archive_file

if [ -f $archive_file ]; then
echo "This filename [$archive_file] exists"
echo "Move Unsuccessful :-("
echo "The filename [$archive_file] does not exist"
mv -f ${CURR_DIRECTORY}/$archive_file "${ARCH_DIRECTORY}"
echo "Move Successful :-)"

The above script just checks whether the file in Current directory is different from Archive directory and then does the move.
Daily you get files and the last 8characters of the file name will be current system date.
I am struggling to check the file names with the file saved date and then archiving for 6 days.

Any help with the script is highly appreciated.


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Old 08-01-2011
Well, if you list file names stripped of date and detect duplicates, you know who needs moving down. Don't overwork making file lists, env var and pipes are fine:
 ls | sed 's/[0-9]*$//' | sort | uniq -d | while read p
    ls -tr $p* | sed '$d'
if [ "$to_move" != "" ]
 mv $to_move ${ARCHIVE_DIR}

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Old 08-01-2011
See if this works for you:


# Removing 5 files from 5 days ago in Archive:
typeset -i mCnt=31
ls -1at ${mArchive}File?_extract_* | while read mFName; do
  if [[ ${mCnt} -le 5 ]]; then
    echo "Now removing <$mFName>."
    rm -f ${mFName}
    if [[ ${mCnt} -eq 1 ]]; then

# Moving existing Current files to Archive:
mv ${mCurrent}File?_extract_* ${mArchive}

# Moving new files to Current and
# make sure all 5 files are there:
mMMDDYYYY=$(date +"%m%d%Y")
while [[ ${mCnt} -le 5 ]]; do
  touch ${mCurrent}${mFName}
  mv ${mNew}${mFName} ${mCurrent}${mFName}

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Old 08-02-2011
Hi Shell_life,

I am still not getting the script to work. The issue I notice is the file name.
The names I gave was an example.
If the file name format changes then the script won't work.
The only non changing criteria in the file name is that it always have the date(mmddyyyy) at the end. It can have any name/length as prefix.
For example: The files can be

Please help.
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Old 08-02-2011
You can do it going through a sorted list with history in variables. If you hit a later file, you move the last file to archive. Here, * is a sorted list, and the ksh does it all but the mv internally, until 2040:
for file in *
 if [ $file_base = "$last_file_base" ]
  mv last_file $ARCHIVE_DIR # one at a time for simplicity
 last_file=$file  last_file_base=$file_base

Really, polling sucks! The creator app should do this, too, after a good file create.
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