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Old 08-01-2011
If it bogs down, remember that this sort of "join" is fastest as a sort-merge, where you sort both lists and then filter in one pass through both lists, like in days of yore with tape and tiny memory.

An intermediate choice is to put your list in string addressable variables, so you can use the shell to look each up.
while read file_root
done < $list_file
find ... -type f \ while read file_name
file_root=${file_root %%.*}
if [ "$mylist[$file_root]" = 1 ]

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SYSTEMD-PATH(1) 						   systemd-path 						   SYSTEMD-PATH(1)

systemd-path - List and query system and user paths SYNOPSIS
systemd-path [OPTIONS...] [NAME...] DESCRIPTION
systemd-path may be used to query system and user paths. The tool makes many of the paths described in file-hierarchy(7) available for querying. When invoked without arguments, a list of known paths and their current values is shown. When at least one argument is passed, the path with this name is queried and its value shown. The variables whose name begins with "search-" do not refer to individual paths, but instead to a list of colon-separated search paths, in their order of precedence. OPTIONS
The following options are understood: --suffix= The printed paths are suffixed by the specified string. -h, --help Print a short help text and exit. --version Print a short version string and exit. EXIT STATUS
On success, 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise. SEE ALSO
systemd(1), file-hierarchy(7) systemd 237 SYSTEMD-PATH(1)

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