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Old 07-28-2011
[bash] run a shell who runs commands

Hi all. On X11 I'm on a shell ...shell_1 (/bin/bash). From here I want to open another shell window shell_2 who executes commands like "ls -l" or programs like ". /program"... so the "result" of commands shows in shell_2 window and not in shell_1. Is that possible ?
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Old 07-28-2011
xterm &

will open another window and leave the first one useable.
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Old 07-28-2011
Originally Posted by cero
xterm &

will open another window and leave the first one useable.
Hi cero ! Yes, but this only opens another shell... I search a trick to run new shell and run inside that all wanted command automatically in one code line.
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Old 07-28-2011
Invoke xterm with -e option and your command as argument like:
xterm -e "ls ; read dummy" &

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Old 07-28-2011
Thank you so much cero ! xterm solved my problem... gnome-terminal and lxterminal doesn't work as xterm whit params like I want.
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