Need help to get the nth field of the variable

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Old 07-28-2011
Your code is giving me the below output

[e030809@vhldvspspa001 ~]$ echo "SPLASH/tags" | awk -F"/" '{print NF}'

its priting the number of fields where I want the name like tag but if I use $2 instead of
NF it it give me tag but the input can vary sometime it is SPLASH/tags and sometime it could be only tags that's why I want only the last field of the input.
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Old 07-28-2011
Add a $ in front of NF and it will work.

You did not say anything to:
$> read I; awk -F"[)/]" -v i=$I '$1 == i {print $NF}' infile

Also you are still not using code tags, even I asked 2 times for it. You got your 1st infraction.
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Old 07-28-2011

You code is correct but my requirement is little bit differ this

read I; awk -F")" -v i=$I '$1 == i {print $2}' temp.txt3

after pressing repo. number it store the value in temp.txt3 file in below format so sometime it stores only SBS and sometime store DIB/H2H but if it store
DIB/H2H then I need H2H and if store SBS then I need SBS.
My flie is temp.txt3 after pressing the repo. number which stores the value
cat temp.txt3 (show the content of temp.txt3)

Now I want only H2H

my code of the script

echo -en "Enter the REPO number(1,2...):"
read usrInput
cat /home/e030809/temp.txt2|while read line; do count=`echo $count + 1 | bc`; echo " $count)$line "; done | grep -w $usrInput>/home/e030809/temp.txt3
a=`cat /home/e030809/temp.txt3|sed 's/^[ \t]*//;s/[ \t]*$//'|cut -d ")" -f2`
#a=`cat /home/e030809/temp.txt6|sed 's/[ \t]*$//'|cut -d ")" -f2`
echo $a

cat temp.txt3 store sometime SBS and sometime store DBD/H2H and nothing else

so we cann't use field separator and we don't use to put here number 28 or 29
output of the file is
cat temp.txt3

neither 28)DBD/H2H

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Old 07-28-2011
Somehow you are still posting this code:
read I; awk -F")" -v i=$I '$1 == i {print $2}' temp.txt3

but if there was already this one posted:
read I; awk -F"[)/]" -v i=$I '$1 == i {print $NF}' infile

I state this now the 2nd or 3rd time and this is the last time. It is also not polite to ignore itkamaraj's question as well it is not ok to still do not post with using code tags after all. You get another infraction for this. I offered you already to explain it again or better, if you did not understand the PM you got, but no response and still posting without.
If you collect 30 infraction points, you will be banned from this forum. Up to you.
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Old 07-28-2011
Your code was

echo "SPLASH/tags" | awk -F"/" '{print NF}'
so it was giving me the total number of fields
i.e. 2

exact code is

echo "SPLASH/tags" | awk -F"/" '{print $NF}'
whereas this is giving me the nth field

---------- Post updated at 06:18 PM ---------- Previous update was at 06:08 PM ----------

Need to know how we can achieve this
Below is the input I want to add $i in this field shldvgfas001 and the output would be
shldvgfas0$ I want).Let you know one thing that is the input will vary because it is the output of hostname command,I just want to add $i in the last of first field (replace last two char. or digit with $i of first field)
of this input (Input)
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