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Old 07-28-2011
An easy fix would be cron lines like:

00 1 * * * /usr/bin/timeout 240s /home/it/capopt/scripts/ S10 > /dev/null 2>&1

which should kill the process and things belonging to it if it exceeds the time limit. May not be /usr/bin in your system.
Originally Posted by rob171171
I have so many running that the ones taht are running every 15 mins, are not clearing down properely and this then affects other ftp / snmp jobs inmy cron.
Killing them is not the answer if you actually want them to complete. I doubt incomplete or corrupted downloads are much use to you.

Are these scripts really so time-critical, or are you just running them every 4 minutes because it "works most of the time"? You could put it all in one big script, to run once every day, instead of having a ticking time-bomb sitting around. If one download hangs it won't become a network pileup.
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Old 07-28-2011
no I need to pull the data every 15 mins. The pkill ftp comes in at the end of the after the ftp has occurred so thats why I was hoping it would kill off the process and not leave lodas of hanging processes. so far it does appear to be working (then again I have not enabled all "15 min" scripts in my cron.
Im presuming the timeout 240s has same affect as pkill ftp?
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Old 07-28-2011
It's not finishing and leaving hanging processes -- it's never finishing at all. If you're killing ftp after the download finishes, then pkill won't happen whenever ftp doesn't finish!

timeout will kill the script if it doesn't finish in time, and ought to kill ftp with it. The 240s means 240 seconds, change that to what you want. You could put timeout in the script instead, to kill ftp directly ala timeout 240s ftp -ni <<EOF ... Both of these would be a better idea than the pkill (what if you don't want to kill all ftp on the system?)

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