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shell prog for double words

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Old 07-20-2011
shell prog for double words

I need a shell programing script for "double words"

Available Data:

This is a shell script that is used to find the ten character words in the machine local
dictionary (/usr/dict/words) that are made up with two valid english words that are
five character long. This means that each of the two five letter words is found in the
dictionary, and when the two are concatenated, the resulting word is a valid English word.
(examples: black board blackboard, grape fruit grapefruit, water melon watermelon). Use
the time command to see how fast (or slow) your script is, and write your finding in the
file doublewords.txt and save it in your text subdirectory. You do not need to include all
the words you found, a short or partial list will be just fine.

Shell: Bourne Shell

Thank you

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AN(6)								   Games Manual 							     AN(6)

an - Anagram generator SYNOPSIS
an [-w] [-c string] [-d dictionary] [-l number_words] [-m word_length] [-u string] [-n number_anagrams] [-h] [-v] [--words] [--contain string] [--dict dictionary] [--length number_words] [--minimum word_length] [--used string] [--number number_anagrams] [--help] [--ver- sion] PHRASE DESCRIPTION
an finds all anagrams which can be made from the letters in PHRASE, using words in the specified dictionary. The default is to use /usr/share/dict/words. OPTIONS
-w, --words Print words that the letters in PHRASE can make, then exit. -c, --contain string Only print anagrams which contain string. -d, --dict dictionary Use dictionary file to find words which the letters in PHRASE can make. -m, --minimum word_length Only include word which are at least word_length long. -u, --used string Considers that letters in string have already used when analyzing letters in PHRASE. Like --contain but doesn't print out string. -l, --length number_words Finds anagrams which have a maximum of number_words words in them. This is very useful when number of anagrams which are output is large. -n, --number number_anagrams Stops after finding number_anagrams anagrams. -h, --help Print a usage message on standard output, then exit. -v, --version Print version information on standard output, then exit. EXAMPLE
an -c imp 'Paul Martin' Finds anagrams for Paul Martin which contain the word imp. AUTHOR
Paul Martin <> THANKS
Richard Jones ( - Coding and algorithm design of original version. Julian Assange ( - Algorithm design of original version. Please note that the email addresses for Richard and Julian are from over ten years ago and probably no longer work. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) Paul Martin 2012. All rights reserved. AN(6)

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