Setting environment variables in Cron file

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Old 07-18-2011
Setting environment variables in Cron file


In Cron file i'm using username and password hard-coded and now i wann to use environmental veraiables in cron file.

But Could you please guide me how to use these environmental variables in cron file ?

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Old 07-18-2011
No differences, but when you use cron, your env is not same as if you log in. Depends which *nix system you have.

In then cron env the best default idea is to set env.

Easy to test. Make next script and run it and then run it using cron. Locate it ex. dir /tmp.
cat <<EOF > /tmp/
env > /tmp/
chmod a+rx /tmp/

And then run crontab -e to edit cronfile and add next line
* * * * *  /tmp/  >> /tmp/ 2>&1

Wait about minute and look file /tmp/

That is your env when you use cron. It's not same as login. PATH is something, not enough usually and so on. Usually HOME is.

One method is to execute your .profile

Example cron, if your /tmp/ include HOME or hardcode path
* * * * * cd $HOME; ./ >> /tmp/job1.log 2>&1
# * * * * * cd /somedir; ./ >> /tmp/job1.log 2>&1

And is something:
#!/usr/bin/someshell   # sh, ksh, bash, ...

# do setup file = set environmnet
. ./my.setup
# or ex.
. ./.profile

cd $HOME
dosome job ...

# add PATH, but not wait so much
# or set  it - overwrite
# variables are global

Ofcource you can create your script always using this idea - not trust env, set it.

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Old 07-19-2011
Hi ,

I'm unable to understand your answer and extremly sorry if I wronly stated in the question.

Leeme re-write my question what I wann to be..

In my cron file curently Ex:

45 05 * * 0-4 ksh /u/prject/bin/ username password ESP8661 >> /u/prject/log/Transfer_ESP8661.LOG 2>&1

Here username and password hard coded. And now i don't want to use like this as evry time whenever i want to change password i have to change all these files.

For that i wann to use like environmental variables instead of hard coded user name and password.

Could you please advise me how can I write in cron file ????
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Old 07-19-2011
First, you have to edit your so that it takes input from environment variable instead of command line argument.

Second, you have to set the environment variable as VAR=value in the cron. But which is again going to be as similar as what u have now in the command line, you will have to edit again and again.

Might be, you will have to let the script take input from somewhere else, such as file or database; that too in sequence !!!
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Old 07-20-2011
Hi Greek ,

Thanks for information.

I'm going to the second point which suggested as we had already created environmental variables in some other file.(

This file ( we are using in other shell script programs also.

but need to import this file into CRON.Could you please let me know how to import in CRON
and how to use that.

Please give with exmple for understanding (I'm using KSH).

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